When I was a kid, back in the Ole' 1993 days, SEGA Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog was my life. I used to spend hours on end playing and re-playing stages / bosses. How fast can I beat a stage? How fast can I get all seven chaos emeralds? How fast can I do EVERYTHING! I mean, it's a Sonic game, just go FAST!

Unfortunately, if you are a true Sonic and SEGA fan you know the truth. SEGA and Sonic just are not what they used to be and a lot of their developments are trying to live on their nostalgic achievements.

I read this IGN article on the company and designed this layout around it. The article explains the beginnings of the company. From Tom Kalinske to Bernie Stolar and to its eventual hardware demise.
Even though SEGA is out of the hardware business, they are still making some good games. They might not be the great blue giant in the industry anymore, but no one will deny the contribution it had in being one of the early players in the industry. 
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