So many great projects and moments, it is with great pleasure I present you with my motion graphics show reel. Filled with news topics affecting the world, we are there to cover all angles with a neutral disposition. Looking forward to what comes next. 

00:02 BRICS Sting (Branding, Animation)
00:03 BRICS Promo (Graphic elements)
00:05 U.S. China Trade Talks (Branding, Animation)
00:07 2019 Review (Branding, Animation)
00:09 G20 Japan (Animation)
00:11 UNGA 74 (Branding, Animation)
00:13 BRICS Sting (Branding, Animation)
00:15 U.S. China Trade Talks (Branding, Animation)
00:18 Xi Trump Summit (Branding, Animation)
00:21 Women at Work (Branding, Animation)
​​​​​​​00:23 2019 Review (Branding, Animation)
00:25 CCTV America (Branding, Animation)
00:26 Impeachment Hearings (Branding, Animation)

Track Name: Can't Stop Me
Artist: Kelly Mac
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