The G20 consists of 19 countries and the EU, whom of which represent most of the World's economy. The meeting in Osaka represents the first summit hosted in Japan.
Many political storylines converge at G20 summits and for our newsroom, our focus is on conversations between the United States and China: what is to become of the trading dynamics between the two superpowers? And how will the two leaders address their differences?
Early style frames exploring layout, square dot matrix, and hold frame animation. 
Wall Graphic Behind Presenter
Integral to our coverage of the summit is creating a sting to introduce the stories out of Japan. Each G20 have existing logos that come with brand guidelines we have to follow. For G20 2019 Japan the guidelines stipulated that the logo must sit on a white square at all times.  
Using the square dimensions to our advantage, we utilized a grid to place flags of the G20 countries and our cherry blossom pattern (see below).
To balance the hold frame movement, we created an endless loop of the cherry blossom. Helps carry your eye throughout the whole composition.
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