If only we could Rewind that back?
At the end of each year, CGTN America looks back at the most memorable news stories of the year: Which stories brought the most impact and captivated us? What stories will carry over into the new year? And most importantly, what stories will we remember forever?

A look back at these events is similar to hitting the rewind button on time itself, so we did just that by creating our own visual timeline in After Effects. 
The storyboard above is exploration of exploration of how the timeline should look, do want to use labels for each event, and how the logo should resolve. Ideas we would have explored more if we had more time for the animation, but with only five seconds to fill, we pulled back on some ideas.
Remembering the Ones we Lost
A solemn but integral moment of our year in review coverage is remembering those who have passed away in the past year. What were there accomplishments and lasting impressions to the world they left behind?
A Time to Change
Unfortunately, Natural Disasters and the affects of Climate Change were front in center in the year 2019. We covered the most catastrophic events and how we'll need to change if we are to survive. 
Studio Wall Graphic for The World Today
Our studios are outfitted with accompanying wall graphics to complete each look. Unfortunately, as such in the news business, we don't have enough time to tweak placement of graphics due to scheduling. But overall, the mosaic of photos and gold color bring a vibrant style to the studio.
Thanks for Watching!
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