NBA Player Acquisition ∙ Jersey Swap
2017 - 2018 off-season
There were many big name trades & free agent pick-ups this off-season. To help keep track of it all, I photoshopped each player onto their new team's jersey.

So many new faces, in so many new teams! Can't wait to see how this impact's this upcoming season. Can anybody beat the Warriors???
Jimmy Butler - Shooting Guard:
Traded from Chicago Bulls to Minnesota Timberwolves
Dwight Howard - Center:
Traded from Atlanta Hawks to Charlotte Hornets
Chris Paul - Point Guard:
Traded from Los Angeles Clippers to Houston Rockets
Paul George - Small Forward:
Traded from Indiana Pacers to OKC Thunder
Ricky Rubio - Point Guard:
Traded from Minnesota Timberwolves to Utah Jazz
 Kyrie Irving - Point Guard:
Traded from Cleveland Cavaliers to Boston Celtics
 Isaiah Thomas - Point Guard:
Traded from Boston Celtics to Cleveland Cavaliers
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