Bridging the Creative Gap
Ronald is a creative powerhouse. He has a deep understanding on building brand systems, animating motion graphics, and writing expressions to create dynamic creative solutions.
He received his BFA in Graphic Design at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design in Washington, DC. His work has won numerous awards including two AIGA 50 DC Awards in 2012 (Branding) and 2018 (Environmental Design).
Much of his experience has come from working in the fast-paced world of News Broadcast, where you learn how to think on your feet pretty fast. He’s earned his stripes by helping cover major world events such as elections, town halls, and global forums.
Ron’s passion for design is only rivaled by his favorite food trucks, his love of coffee and young son #dadlife.
- CGTN America (previously CCTV America)
- Corcoran College of the Arts & Design @ GW
- Bloomberg BNA
- Corcoran Gallery of Art
- Protein Media
- IQ Solutions
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